IntelligentDV is an idea.  My hope is that something that I post, either on the blog or as open-source, inspires additional contribution.  My hope is that we can generate interest in the development of HVL library components, scripts, tools, etc. from the users and for the users.  So if you see something that you like… contribute!

Today the IDV team is just me – Sean.  But you are welcomed to join me.  Got some script that you’re proud of – share it!  A SystemVerilog class that you think others will find useful – share it!  (Obviously – opensourcing stuff that you’ve developed on company time with company resources requires that you work with your boss or even your company legal department – so it may not be straightforward.) I should mention – that anything posted to svn must be open sourced under GPL.

So that’s the idea – a place for you to share / develop your open source verification IP, tools, scripts, etc.

To facilitate this I’ve created an subversion repository that you can add to.  Additionally, I’ll add blog accounts for people that develop tools.  Then they can explain what they’ve posted to svn.

Worst case: this site will just be a place for me to post code that I develop on the weekends.  Stuff that I may use again for consulting jobs and the like. Best case: this site will become the place for open source verification development.  We’ll see what happens.

On the blog you’ll find:

  • Project updates from the IntelligentDV team
  • Opinions on the state of verification
  • Links to library downloads and documentation developed by the IntelligentDV team
  • Links to script downloads developed by the IntelligentDV team
  • Tips and Tricks for verification development
  • HVL language tips and tutorials
  • Your comments!

If you find anything on this blog useful – then use it. Everything we post here is licensed under GPL.