OVM 2.1.1 Release – Documentation Posted

A while back Mentor and Cadence released 2.1.1…  thought that I should catch up and post the docs.  (Looking at the web server logs a few of you tried to get the 2.1.1 docs directly – sorry.  They’re up now!)

2.1.1 is a bugfix and documentation update release.  It looks like there are a couple of tiny behaviour changes that have to do with stopping components and sequences.  You can take a look at the release-notes.txt file in the OVM release to see if any of the changes affect you.

As usual – I have the updated OVM docs posted here:


If you find a bug in the doxygen documentation, then please let me know.


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  1. Adam Sherer Says:

    Just a quick correction, the OVM 2.1.1 did add callbacks and an end-of-test mechanism which is important to users migrating from VMM to the OVM and the emerging Accellera UVM standard. In fact, these advances were significant enough to the verification community that the Accellera VIP TSC decided to change its decision and base the UVM on OVM 2.1.1 instead of OVM 2.0.3.

    You can learn more about the emerging UVM 1.0 at http://www.uvmworld.org.

    =Adam Sherilog, Accellera VIP TSC Secretary

  2. Sean Says:


    Hi Adam – thanks for the post.
    I’m pretty certain that callbacks and EOT (objections) were added in the 2.1 release and the 2.1.1 patch to 2.1 was just bug-fixes.

    The fact that UVM was based on OVM 2.1.1 is true and captured in the very next post on this blog…


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