Doxygen Filter for System Verilog 2.6.2 Released

A new filter release!

Been busy…  (what?  where have *you* been?)

This release includes:

  • bugfix: // inside single-line block comment fails to parse (#51)
  • bugfix: #[space]( is not transformed to < (#52)

You can pick up the release from the downloads page here:

Or – you can grab it directly from the subversion repository with your svn client (or using the WebSVN site here).

TIP! These blog announcements (like this one) often lag the actual release by several weeks…  so I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed for the Doxygen tags on the WebSVN site to keep up-to-date.

A Reminder: the doxygen filter is not a grammar — it, like the doxygen tool, is a lexical parser. So – you will find bugs.  And when you do – please file them to the bug tracker here:

Your tickets in the tracker are what pushes the filter improvements.


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