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Kate Syntax Files – Fixed, Improved (with doxygen support)

Friday, December 19th, 2008

So the three of you that are using kate to edit SystemVerilog will be happy to hear that I’ve fixed the issue with the posted syntax file. It turns out that kate doesn’t like block comments in an xml file.  But single line comments are no problem. I fixed it and created a branch for 2.x kate users.  The release is here: (labeled: 1.0.1)

And – for those that are using 3.x (and maybe supported in 2.x where x is big enough to support the new features) I’ve added some slick support for doxygen comments.  Now doxygen comments along with doxygen markup are recognized alongside the SV code.  Pretty nice.  The release for newer kate is here: (labeled: 2.0.0)

– Oh, and tell kate that I said ‘hi’

OVM 2.0.1 Release

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

So I completely missed this one… for some reason I don’t get email notifications from the ovmworld site.

Apparently it’s mostly bug fixes in this release. And that’s the beauty of open source – users report bugs AND fixes!

As usual – I have the updated OVM docs posted here:

If you find a bug in the doxygen, then please let me know.


VMM 1.1.0 Released!

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Synopsys is giving VMM users an early holiday gift with a new release of the VMM!  And again, like the preceding 1.0.1 release, they just dropped the release with no announcement. (Is anyone getting email updates from the site?)

I’m impressed that the folks in marketing over at Synopsys resisted the (misguided) temptation to call this 2.0 to remain at parity with the OVM release numbers.

And I see that the included documentation has dramatically improved…  but I couldn’t help myself:

Skimming the release notes for things that I care about I see:

  • Addition of JL’s multi-stream scenario generator
  • base class for testcases (finally!) – I implemented one ages ago based on a tip in Janick’s own (green) book. If it works like mine you’ll find that going from test run to test run will take much less time.
  • shortcut MACROS – for the new and the weak
  • SQL database interface class (Is this new? I don’t remember this one, and there’s no mention in the release notes.)
Happy Holidays VMM Users!