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Doxygen Filter for System Verilog 1.5.3 Released

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

When the OVM 2.0 release came out I ran it through my doxygen filter and found a couple of new issues.  Those issues have been corrected in the 1.5.3 release posted here:

The most significant issue found and corrected in 1.5.3 was the filter was processing SV keywords that were inside of a double quoted text string (which lead to some pretty goofy results when a string contained a keyword; esp keywords like begin or end). The filter now skips quoted text in the same way that it skips commented text. And the more heuristic debug I find myself doing the more I wish I’d used a proper grammar. I have an unnatural fear of Yacc (and other large mammals!)

Also, in the template converter script I’ve added support for escaped linefeeds in a .delta file.

Details about how to install and use filter, along with examples, can be found in the original filter release post.

“begin filtering!”

OVM 2.0 Release – New Documentation Posted

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

The folks over at ovmworld just released a new version of the OVM.

Some (light) details about the release are here:

It looks just like the 1 ‘dot’ series to me (but keep in mind that I’m just a lowly VMM user.) I’m not sure what justified the move to a new major release. I hope that this isn’t turning into some sort of versioning for marketing reasons thing?  Because, if so, then OVM is a full major release ahead of VMM! 😉

That said, I am looking forward to the next release of VMM which had better compile / run on both VCS and ModelSim/Questa.

As you’d expect, I’ve posted the doxygen documentation of the 2.0 release right here:

And – as usual, if you find a bug then please let me know.

OVMers – Enjoy!