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UVM Source Code Documentation with Doxygen Posted

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

The Accellera VIP TSC has released their ‘early adopter’ release of the UVM (Universal Verification Methodology)!

The library is based on the OVM 2.1.1 release and has a few of additional features:

  • objector string (so that you can see who objected)
  • log message catching (awesome for negative testing)
  • callbacks change (a change that I haven’t looked into …)

As you would probably expect, I have posted the docs here:

If you find a bug in the doxygen documentation, then please let me know.


VCS Release C-2009.06 runs OVM

Monday, June 15th, 2009

It looks like Synopsys has (quietly) released a version of VCS (C-2009-06) that supports OVM.

This is great news for the verification engineer!  This means that:

  1. VCS users can finally take a look at OVM in earnest and make a ‘hands on’ comparison (beyond the marketing slides).
  2. OVM users that are ‘stuck’ with ‘only’ 2 EDA vendors now have a 3rd option for a simulator
  3. AND – it means that there’s potential for the big 3 EDA vendors to unite on a single verification methodology.

To run an example simply replace the run_questa script with a run_vcs script that looks like this:

vcs -sverilog -R -f compile_questa_sv.f

Easy!  (With one minor caviat – some of the compile_quest_sv.f files include Questa specific options that you’ll need to remove.)

For the (few) examples that I’ve tried vcs has output the result that I would have expected.
If you find an example that doesn’t work I’d bet that both Synopsys and the OVM World folks would be interested in hearing about it.

Oh – and an aside – no funny business (ahem! `ifdef INCA ahem!) was required to run the examples.  So VCS appears to have taken a big leap forward in its implementation of the SV standard.  Good job Synopsys!